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Sekrenyi Festival in Kohima
Sekrenyi Festival in Nagaland
Sekrenyi Festival in Khonoma

Sekrenyi Festival Tour – Delving deep into the Angami heartland

For those seeking to immerse themselves in this cultural extravaganza, a tour is curated to provide an unparalleled experience. Spanning 6 nights and 7 days, this journey spans across Assam and Nagaland, unfolding a tapestry of sights and experiences. Highlights encompass participation in the exuberant Sekrenyi Festival, an opportunity for a two-night sojourn at the renowned Kaziranga National Park, guided exploration of Kohima’s treasures, and a chance to delve into Kaziranga’s wilderness under the guidance of a seasoned naturalist.

Sekrenyi Festival


Embark on your journey as you fly to Dimapur and make your way to Kohima. As dusk descends, witness the villagers prepare for Sekrenyi, a spectacle that marks the eve of the festival. Settle into your accommodations for a restful evening.

Join us for a captivating cultural odyssey at the Sekrenyi Festival in Nagaland

Spend the entire day immersed in the vibrant celebrations of the Sekrenyi Festival. Engage with the festivities and absorb the cultural richness that surrounds you.

Sekrenyi Festival: A time of purification and joy, join us for an unforgettable tour

Travel to Touphema village, a dwelling place of the Angami tribe. Immerse yourself in the Sekrenyi festivities here and take a leisurely stroll through the old village in the afternoon.

rhythms of Sekrenyi Festival

Embark on a journey to Khonoma village, renowned for its courage and valor. Return to Kohima, where you’ll visit the war cemetery, explore the local market and emporium, and delve into the tapestry of the region’s history.

Sekrenyi Festival Tour: Where ancient rituals and modern explorations meet

Journey to Kaziranga National Park, a sanctuary for the one-horned rhinoceros and a haven for avid birdwatchers. Settle into your jungle lodge accommodations for the night.

Kaziramga National Park Rhino Charging

Embark on an early morning jeep safari to witness the wonders of the National Park. Return for breakfast before a mid-morning visit to a neighboring village. The afternoon unfolds with a thrilling jeep safari within the park, offering the chance to encounter diverse wildlife.

Kaziranga National Park Hornbill birds

Transfer to Guwahati airport for your flight to Delhi, concluding your memorable journey.

Guwahati Brahmaputra River Ship

**Please note: The Sekrenyi Festival Tour itinerary above can be tailor-made as per your interest but it has done be done on only in the month of February to include the festival dates from Feb 25th – 28th. Flexibility is the key to a successful adventure! Please write us an email at [email protected] 

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Sekrenyi Festival Tour – Please note that this tour can be customized as preferances but the festival dates has to be from Feb 25th – Feb 28th

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