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Arunachal on Two Wheels Tawang Monastery
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Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels

Gear up for an extraordinary adventure as we embark on the exhilarating “Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels” tour in the captivating region of Northeast India. Explore the wonders of Arunachal Pradesh, a land blessed with diverse landscapes, a vibrant cultural heritage, and mesmerizing roads that beckon motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a newcomer eager for an unforgettable journey, this motorcycle tour is guaranteed to satiate your wanderlust. Get ready to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring realm of motorcycle touring in Arunachal Pradesh.

Places Explored


Embarking on a thrilling journey called “Arunachal Pradesh on two Wheels,” explorers find themselves irresistibly drawn to the enchanting Apatani tribe of Ziro. Situated amidst the awe-inspiring Apatani Plateau, embraced by verdant pine-clad peaks, this lesser-known destination beckons both inquisitive anthropologists, sociologists, and intrepid travelers. Within its borders lie the ancient customs and mystical charm of the Apatani people, waiting to be unraveled and experienced firsthand.


Arunachal Pradesh on two Wheels presents Majuli, the largest inhabited river island globally and the epitome of Vaishnava culture in Assam. Journeying to this captivating destination, you’ll discover the profound influence of Shankardeva, a revered 15th-century Assamese reformer and saint. Inspired by his vision, Majuli became home to the renowned ‘satras’ or Vaishnavite monasteries, which aimed to uplift people through culture and religion. Amidst its enchanting landscapes, Majuli is also renowned for its exquisite pottery and mask making. Moreover, the island boasts distinctive Hindu monasteries that mesmerize visitors with their captivating dance drama performances. Notably, Majuli stands poised on the brink of obtaining UNESCO World Heritage status, further adding to its allure.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh on two wheels, and discover the awe-inspiring Tawang Monastery. Nestled at an altitude of around 10,000 ft., this magnificent structure, known as the second largest Buddhist monastery in India, has stood for over 400 years. With its grandeur and serenity, Tawang Monastery also boasts the honor of being the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama. Within its sacred walls, more than 700 monks find solace and devotion, creating an atmosphere of spiritual enlightenment.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh on two wheels. Kaziranga National Park, recognized as a World Heritage Site and Tiger Reserve, proudly claims its fame as the sanctuary for over 80% of the global population of Great One-Horned Rhinoceros. The habitat itself is a marvel, characterized by expansive grasslands intertwined with thorny rattan cane, Elephant grass, towering evergreen trees, and an abundance of water bodies. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Kaziranga National Park as you explore Arunachal Pradesh on two wheels.


DAY 1 Arrival in Guwahati
Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels

Today arrive at Guwahati, the hub of North East India for our Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour. You will be met by an Eventours Travels representative who will help gather your motorcycles and accompany you to your hotel. You can relax for some time. In the afternoon after an exhaustive briefing, you can take your motorcycles out for a short ride with your escort in an effort to know the locality. Return to your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Anunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels 2

Things to Ponder: High speeding vehicles on the highways of Assam, speed breakers as you approach small villages & towns in Assam, the occasional potholes, road cracks on the bridges, monkeys lining up for food near Nameri National Park, the slippery slush near Bhalukpong, the odd villager crossing roads near the tea gardens, the dense fog near Seppa crossing Tata Sumo Taxis speeding downhill from the opposite side and off-course keep your eyes on the road, the road signs could be pretty distractive while riding!

(Approx. 338 kms / 8.5 hours) – BD

Route: Guwahati – Via Saraighat Bridge – Sipajhar- Mangaldoi – Orang – Tezpur – Nameri National Park – Bhalukpong – Dahung – Tenga – Rupa – Bomdilla

This morning at 5:30 AM, Eventours Travels will begin its Motorcycle expedition. We’ll leave Guwahati via the Northern side, crossing the Brahmaputra River through Saraighat Bridge. After a quick breakfast at NRL Dhaba near Mangaldoi, we’ll travel on a plain highway adorned with Assamese villages, tea gardens, village markets, small rivers, and dense jungles. At Bhalukpong gate, we’ll check-in to Arunachal Pradesh with our permits. The trail will change after Bhalukpong, with a 20 km stretch of slush and off-road terrain followed by uphill tarmac roads to Bomdilla. Around Tenga, we’ll have lunch and continue riding. We should reach Bomdilla by 4:30 PM, where we’ll check into our rooms and rest for the day.

Arunachal on Two Wheels Tawang Monastery

Things to Ponder: Possible Snowfall near Sela Pass, slight lack of oxygen at 13700 feet, incoming army convoy trucks, road extension work, the sharp turns uphill near Baisakhi Point, the occasional slippery slush road stretch before you reach Tawang, and of course the steep cliffs!

(Approx. 170 Kms / 6 hours) – BD

Route: Bomdilla – Rahung – Dirang – Sela Pass – Jong – Tawang

After an early breakfast and post a quick check-up of our motorcycles we will start for Tawang. This ride will take you through some rough roads in these Eastern Himalayan Mountains. While snow is not expected at Sela Pass, but Eastern Himalayan Range could be unpredictable. We will make a quick stop over at a roadside eatery for lunch. We will make brief stopover at Jaswant Garh where you can visit the Gurudwara constructed by the Indian Army. Just a before we reach Jong, we will take a small detour to visit the Nuranang Falls, some 100 mts high before we start for Tawang.

Arunachal on Two Wheels Tawang Monastery

Today is a reserve day in Tawang. You can visit the Tawang Monastery, P.T. Tso Lake or the Madhuri Lake. If you think you have spent enough time on your motorcycles and would like your butts to rest, you can try walking down the roads in Tawang Town.

Arunachal on Two Wheels Bomdilla

(Approx. 170 Kms / 6 hours) – BD

Route: Tawang – Jong – Sela Pass- Dirang – Bomdilla

This morning after an early breakfast we ride back to Bomdilla. Since we are acquainted with this stretch of the road, it will be a repeat of what already have done. Arrive in Bomdilla and later in the evening you can visit the vivid monasteries here. Bomdilla market is an interesting place but closes early.

Arunachal Pradesh on two Wheels Nameri

(Approx. 122 km / 6 hours) – BD

Route: Bomdilla – Rupa – Tenga – Bhalukpong – Potasali – Nameri National Park

After a leisurely breakfast, we will ride back to Nameri National Park on our Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour . On arrival at Nameri National Park, we will check into a jungle resort. We can go for a short hike around the Jia Bhoreli River if we arrive early. A dinner around a bonfire would be an interesting way to spend your evening

Arunachall Pradesh on Two Wheels Ziro

Things to Ponder: The traffic on the plain roads of Assam, the potholed roads on certain stretches in Assam, the muddy road just after you cross Banderdewa, the occasional stone fall, small winding roads before you reach Ziro, the incoming traffic from Ziro to Potin, especially the Tata Sumo Taxis.

(Approx. 276 km/ 8 hrs) – BD

Route: Nameri National Park – Chariduar – Balipara – Dhalaibil – Jamurihat – Biswanath Chariali – Behali – Gohpur – Narayanpur – Banderdewa- Doimukh – Potin – Ziro

After an early breakfast, we will start for Ziro on our Arunachal Pradesh on two Wheels tour. This will take us through the plains of Assam just before we reach Banderdewa. At Banderdewa we will again check in to Arunachal Pradesh with our permits. The plain roads in Assam will give us the speed advantage before we hit Arunachal Pradesh, where our progress uphill will be relatively slow. We will have lunch depending on the timing either at Potin or Banderdewa. Arrive at Ziro and check in to our rooms for the night.

Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels Apatani

Today is a rest day in Ziro. You will be met by your Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour local guide here, who will show you around the villages of Ziro. Hong, Hari, and Bamin, are the important villages in Ziro Valley.

Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels Majuli

Things to Ponder: Be very careful when you load the motorcycles into the ferry. Your escort and boatmen will help you, the road from Laluk to Brahmaputra Ghat is potholed.

(Approx. 220 kms/ 6 hrs + 1 Hour of the Ferry) – BD

Route: Ziro – Potin – Kimin – North Lakimpur – Laluk – Bihpuria – Majuli River Island.

Embarking on the thrilling adventure of “Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels,” we’ll leave the picturesque region after breakfast. Descending from highlands, we’ll ride down meandering roads until the Kimin Gate, transitioning into a busy highway to Assam. Near Laluk, we’ll take a detour, exploring Bihpuria towards the majestic Brahmaputra River. Awaiting us on the riverbank is a ferry to transport us and our vehicles to captivating Majuli River Island. There, we’ll find a quaint ethnic resort, where we’ll spend the day, cherishing the enchanting experiences of our Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels journey.

Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels Kaziranga

Things to Ponder: The roads in this stretch of the Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour will be full of traffic and you are advised to stick to your lanes.

(Approx 155 Kms/ 4 hrs. + 1.5 hrs. on the ferry) – BD

Route: Majuli River Island – Jorhat – Dergaon – Numaligarh – Bokakhat – Kaziranga

After an early breakfast, we will ride to Kamalabari Ghat in Majuli and catch the early morning ferry to the other side as part of our Arunachal on Two Wheels tour. On arrival at Neemati Ghat on the other side of Jorhat, we will collect our vehicles and proceed to Kaziranga. This is a plain two-lane highway ride and we will be riding through populated areas. On arrival, we will check in to a resort. After a quick lunch, you can go for a jeep safari inside the central range of the park. Alternatively, you can decide to explore the fringes of the Kaziranga National Park. The evening is at leisure.

Arunachal Pradesh on two Wheels Jagiroad

(Approx. 225 kms/ 5 hours) – BD

Route: Kaziranga – Kaliabor – Amoni – Nagaon Bypass – Jagiroad – Khetri – Chandrapur – Guwahati

This morning you can choose to go for an elephant safari or a jeep safari inside the national park as part of our Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour. After that, we will gather for breakfast and hit the roads towards Guwahati. This will be an easy ride and arrive early in Guwahati. In the evening we can choose to explore the city – interesting points would be Kamakhya Temple, Peacock Island, and Brahmaputra River Bank.

Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels Guwahati

After breakfast, you will be assisted to the railway station/airport for your onward journey as we end our Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour .

Rules of the Road


Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels

Motorcycle Rental

The “Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels” trip package includes the provision of a rented motorcycle. The specific type of motorcycle provided will vary depending on the trip. Please note that the images of the motorcycles displayed on the website may not always depict the exact version of the motorcycle that will be provided. In certain circumstances, EVENTOURS TRAVELS LLP reserves the right to substitute the confirmed motorcycle for trip guests on the Arunachal Pradesh on Two Wheels tour.

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