Exploring Northeast India in All Its Quirky Glory!

So, imagine this: you decide to go on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring Northeast India. You pack your bags, your camera, and your sense of humor, ready to discover hidden treasures and create unforgettable memories. You start your journey, and oh boy, things get interesting. You find yourself in the midst of a monsoon downpour, trying to navigate through slippery roads, with frogs serenading you from the puddles.

As you reach a remote village, the locals greet you with their vibrant traditional attire, and you can’t help but join in their lively dance.

Exporing Northeast India – Meghalaya

Begin your journey in the “Abode of Clouds.” Explore the living root bridges of Cherrapunjee, trek through the pristine landscapes of Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia, and witness the stunning Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

Offbeat Meghalaya Tour

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Exploring Northeast India – Assam

Immerse yourself in the tea gardens of Assam, where the rolling hills are covered in a blanket of lush green. Take a cruise on the Brahmaputra River, visit Kaziranga National Park to spot the one-horned rhinoceros, and indulge in a traditional Assamese feast.

Wild Assam Tour

Exploring Northeast India – Arunachal Pradesh

Experience the raw beauty of Arunachal Pradesh, known as the “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.” Visit the Tawang Monastery, explore the Ziro Valley’s picturesque landscapes, and embark on a thrilling adventure to the breathtaking Sela Pass..

Sela Pass Arunachal Pradesh

Exploring Northeast India – Nagaland

The Hornbill Festival Tour

Unveil the cultural tapestry of Nagaland by witnessing the Hornbill Festival, where diverse tribes come together to showcase their rich traditions. Don’t miss the chance to explore the pristine Dzukou Valley, known as the “Valley of Flowers.”

Exploring Northeast India – Manipur

Discover the hidden gems of Manipur, a land of mystique and charm. Immerse yourself in the serene Loktak Lake, witness the graceful Thang-Ta martial art performances, and explore the ancient ruins of Kangla Fort.

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Mizoram Dance

Exploring Northeast India – Mizoram

Trek through the scenic landscapes of Mizoram, adorned with rolling hills and picturesque villages. Experience the vibrant Mizo culture, visit the stunning Vantawng Falls, and enjoy the panoramic views from the Reiek Tlang viewpoint.

Exploring Northeast India -Tripura

Tripura, located in northeastern India, offers a unique and offbeat travel experience for visitors. The state is blessed with picturesque landscapes, lush green hills, serene lakes, and diverse wildlife. One of the major attractions in Tripura is the Neermahal Palace, a beautiful water palace situated in the middle of Lake Rudrasagar, which provides a glimpse into the region’s architectural grandeur.

ujjayanta palace - tripura


Exploring Northeast India in Sikkim: Nestled in the breathtaking Eastern Himalayas, Sikkim is a small but enchanting state in northeastern India. Traveling through Sikkim is a captivating journey filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant Buddhist monasteries, and warm-hearted locals. From the snow-capped peaks of the Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain, to the emerald green valleys and cascading waterfalls, the natural beauty of Sikkim is truly mesmerizing.

Travel Permits to Sikkim

Disclaimer: This article cannot be held responsible for any side effects such as an insatiable wanderlust, an irrepressible desire to sample every dish, or a sudden urge to don traditional attire and dance like nobody’s watching. Enjoy at your own risk exploring Northeast India!

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