Terms and Conditions for Motorcycle tour

Terms and Conditions for our Motorcycle tours in India

We are providing you the following list of terms & conditions of our motorcycle tours in India. You are humbly requested to go through it before you book any of your tours with us.

Kindly note when making an offline or online booking with Eventours Travels LLP (hereafter referred to as Eventours along with the appropriate deposit/s. A contract will come into existence between you (the Client) and Eventours (the Organizer) in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions laid out in this document. Your booking with us is governed by and construed by Indian law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Indian Courts.

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Making Your Ride Safer

You participate with our ancillary motorcycle clubs or Eventours Travels LLP knowingly as a competent rider and do so entirely at your own risk. Understanding that motorcycle touring involves a certain amount of risk and we further ask please show respect and courtesy to your fellow riders.

  • Riders must possess a valid motorcycle license, as required by the applicable laws and regulations of the Tour destination(s).
  • Riders must be in good physical health and possess adequate riding skills and experience to safely participate in the Tour.
  • Riders are responsible for ensuring their personal fitness and health conditions are suitable for participating in the Tour.
  • Riders must provide accurate and complete personal information, including emergency contact details, to the Company at the time of booking.

At our discretion, any rider seen taking unnecessary risks en route will have their journey terminated, thereafter traveling in one of the support vehicles for the remainder of the tour. No reimbursement was given. Safety is our primary concern

Ride into India’s Rich Cultural Heritage with our motorcycle tours in India

India’s cultural heritage is as diverse as its landscapes. Motorcycle tours in India offer an immersive experience that allows you to connect with the country’s fascinating history and traditions. Visit ancient temples, majestic forts, and magnificent palaces that narrate tales of India’s glorious past. Indulge in authentic local cuisine, witness vibrant festivals, and interact with friendly locals who will share their stories and traditions, making your journey truly unforgettable.

Dive into India's Rich Cultural Heritage

Commercial Conditions

  • To secure a spot on the motorcycle tours, riders must complete the designated booking process and provide all required information.
  • A non-refundable deposit, as specified by Eventours Travels LLP, is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid by the specified due date, typically before the tour start date.
  • Failure to make the full payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of the booking without a refund.

All our prices are fixed.
Please see our costs page with detailed programs for expedition prices online. A special cost can be offered for a group of more than 10+ participants.

  • Eventours Travels LLP requests must be submitted in writing to the Company.
  • Eventours Travels LLP cancellation policy will apply, and refund amounts, if any, will depend on the cancellation notice period and the Company’s discretion.
  • Eventours Travels LLP reserves the right to cancel the Tour due to insufficient bookings, force majeure, or other reasons. In such cases, Riders will be offered alternative arrangements or a full refund, at the Company’s discretion.
  • 40% – Deposit per person required when booking with EVENTOURS TRAVELS LLP as advance money to ensure that you’re joining one of our motorcycle tours.
  • 60% – Balance before 8 days of departure.
  • Deposit payments are made payable to Our ancillary motorcycle clubs, and they can be made via Cash or Personal Cheque. The deposit will ensure your place on the expeditions.
  • The remaining 70% balance can be made in INR as this makes paying for facilities easier en route. Please, no Travelers Cheques are accepted. All deposits should be addressed to Our ancillary motorcycle clubs or Eventours Travels LLP.

Safety and Convenience

When it comes to motorcycle tours in India, safety is a top priority. Eventours Travels specialize in organizing guided motorcycle tours, ensuring that you can explore the country with peace of mind. These tours often provide well-maintained motorcycles, experienced guides, and support vehicles that accompany you throughout the journey. Expert guides are well-versed in local road conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, India’s extensive network of hotels, guesthouses, and roadside eateries makes it convenient for riders to plan their itinerary and find comfortable accommodations along the way.

4. Safety and Convenience

We Only Regret the Rides We Didn't Take

  • Riding always requires a range of clothing. The passes are sometimes very cold your riding jacket though should be well-ventilated. Evenings in the mountains can be cool. We advise you to bring a warm pullover or body warmer.
  • Riding in the plains requires lightweight, cool clothing, with a woolen pullover or fleece for chilly evenings. Riding during the day can get very hot, so protective/armored clothing should be lightweight and well-ventilated.
  • Remember to bring swimwear and a lightweight towel.
  • For Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma & North East India you can manage with lightweight clothes provided you bring thermal underwear. Evenings can be chilly when the sun goes down. After the summer season, warm clothes are required.
  • When visiting Temples or Gompas you must remove your shoes, slip-ons, and zipped boots to make this lot easier. Often newcomers to India and Nepal will bring too much “stuff”! All over India and Nepal, the essentials are available, from toothpaste to batteries, from headache tablets to pants and socks. It’s part of the experience to buy simple requirements as you go along.
  • We always wear Helmets! It is the law to wear a helmet everywhere we ride. ‘Local quality’ helmets can be bought in larger cities though your own is always more comfortable.
  • We recommend you travel to India with rugged, ‘soft’ luggage, which can later be stowed in our hotel or the support jeep. Bring casual clothes for evenings and non-riding times.

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  • The Company may provide rental motorcycles and/or equipment to Riders, subject to availability and additional fees.
  • Riders are responsible for inspecting the motorcycle and equipment prior to the Tour and reporting any damages or issues to the Company.
  • Riders are responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of rented motorcycles and equipment during the Tour and may be required to pay for repairs or replacements.
  • Eventours Travels LLP will provide riders with a detailed tour itinerary, which may be subject to changes due to weather conditions, safety concerns, or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Eventours Travels LLP reserves the right to modify the tour itinerary or substitute accommodations, routes, or attractions if necessary, without prior notice.

Happiness is a Motorcycle, a Full Tank of Gas and Twisty Roads

General Expectations from Riders

Motorcycling is surely one of the best ways to experience the region’s rich cultures, friendly people, and unequaled scenery. At the same time, motorcycling does have its dangers – Especially on narrow mountain roads with unpredictable traffic & quickly changing weather conditions. Our Tours should be undertaken by fit, experienced riders with an open mind to accepting the changing conditions and different rules of the road. We granite you an everlasting life or life-changing motorcycling with us

Riding our motorcycle tours in India is a privilege. Our ancillary motorcycle clubs & Eventours Travels LLP is grateful to the Tourism Authority of India for permission to operate motorcycle tours in India of this kind. Although Ladakh and Northeast India, continue slowly to open their doors to the outside world and experiment with new ideas for tourism, participants are reminded of the culturally sensitive nature of this trip and are urged & requested to conduct themselves respectively & show extra courtesy & riding style while encountering traffic in India!

Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels and guesthouses to camping and homestay on our motorcycle tours. All accommodation is on same-sex twin-sharing (couples double-room). Sometimes there might be a single occupancy in a double room.

  • Riders must comply with all local traffic laws and regulations during the motorcycle tours.
  • Riders must follow the instructions and guidance provided by the tour guides and company representatives.
  • Riders must wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets while riding.
  • Riders must not operate a motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Eventours Travels LLP reserves the right to remove any rider from the tour if their behavior poses a risk to their safety or the safety of others, without refund.
  • Riders must bring with them appropriate travel insurance and documents as follows:
  • Full Motorcycle License – valid
  • You are required to bring your travel insurance policy with you on our motorcycle tours in India. Please print off a photocopy and keep it safe. As well as the address of your travel insurance company. Riders are requested to hand over the insurance numbers and addresses to our guide.
  • Without these documents, you will not be able to take part in your chosen tour (safety is our primary concern).
  • Motorcycle with valid Registration, insurance & pollution certificates.

We are very conscious about the catering it’s very important to have hygienic cuisine during our motorbike tours, and while doing homestay during the motorcycling we always eat organic food with local families. Consumption of high-degree alcohol is prohibited on our motorcycle tours during the riding time but the evening is full of chit-chat and rum punch to knock out the fatigue of the day.

More Commercial Thoughts!

  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so in writing. If your cancellation is received more than eight weeks before your departure date, 30% of your deposit will be refunded. If cancellation is received less than eight weeks before the departure date, there will be no refund.
  • If you are delayed or think you might be late. Contact details will be available and everything possible will be done to make alternative arrangements to meet further down the road. Extra costs may be incurred.
  • No refunds are given if a person/s leaves a tour en route.
  • Our motorcycle tours are planned for several months to avoid adverse climate conditions. However, changes will be made (en route) if unfavorable weather hampers our progress.
  • However, while on tour should any unforeseeable situations arise beyond our control, e.g. landslides, snowpack, earthquake, or glacier movement. As safety is important, we will make changes en route and detour to continue with the adventure.

If we find there are insufficient numbers of riders in a particular tour group. We reserve the right to amend that route for the smaller group, without diluting any of the characteristics of the tour.

  • It is strongly recommended that riders obtain comprehensive travel insurance, including coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and motorcycle rental damages for our motorcycle tours.
  • Eventours Travels LLP does not provide any insurance coverage for riders and is not liable for any loss, injury, or damage sustained during the motorcycle tours.
  • Nobody wants to get hurt or injured on our motorcycle tours in India but accidents do sometimes happen. You should have a Travel Insurance Policy that is sufficient for your personal needs.
  • Check your insurance policy covers such needs as hospitalization or repatriation. Sometimes we ride in remote locations in which there will be no mobile signal, no helicopter recovery service, and ambulances may not be available.
  • The Tour Leader will ensure the best possible evacuation/services are provided – given our location and the services available locally.
  • As part of the booking process, we ask Riders to provide an alternative emergency contact. In the unfortunate event that anything serious should happen to you, we will inform this alternative contact of your condition as soon as possible.
  • If you are unwell on a ride day in our motorcycle tours, you may ride in the support vehicle, assuming we have one with us even though with 02 riders. The mechanic will ride your bike until you are fit to ride again.
  • Most medicines are available almost everywhere. Asian medicines tend to work more effectively on Asian ailments. If you use medication be sure to bring ample supplies with you. Your preferred brands of toiletries may not always be available. Drinking water comes in 1Lt plastic bottles and we drink bottled water at all times.
  • Be aware that your insurance may cover helicopter rescue, but that we may have to send a messenger for one day back down the road to find a telephone that works to summon one, assuming the nearest helicopter is in working order. For that reason alone we will always wear helmets and armored riding gear.
  • We ensure our riders stick to a minimum “2 Second Rule” keeping a safe separation between riders.
Limitation of Liability

Eventours Travels LLP, its employees, guides, and affiliates shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage, delay, or expense arising from our motorcycle tours in India, unless caused by the Company’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Riders participate in the motorcycle tours at their own risk and are solely responsible for their own actions and the consequences thereof.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  • This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Guwahati Courts.
  • Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Guwahati, Assam, India.

By booking an Eventours Travels motorcycle tour, riders acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.